Our Products


Portable Cabins

Our portable cabins come in a variety of sizes, including custom options. Whether you need a compact 20ft unit or a spacious 40ft cabin, we can tailor our products to match your specific requirements.

Shipping Containers

Looking to purchase your own shipping container? We offer a wide selection of high-quality used shipping containers in various sizes, including 20ft, 30ft, and 40ft. These containers are perfect for storage, conversion projects, or shipping needs.

Renting - Portable Cabins and Shipping Containers

Need extra space for your business, construction site, or event? Our portable cabins and shipping containers are the perfect solution. They’re easy to transport and set up, providing you with a flexible space solution that can be customized to your needs.

Custom-Made Glass Containers

For a touch of elegance and modernity, explore our custom-made containers. These containers are perfect for creating unique retail spaces, pop-up shops, or exhibition booths that stand out from the crowd.



We understand that the interior of your space is just as important as the exterior. That’s why we offer high-quality interior options that can be customized to meet your preferences, ensuring your space is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Container Homes

Embrace the trend of sustainable living with our container houses. These innovative structures offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly housing solution that can be adapted to various lifestyles and design preferences.